‘Great Australian Rip Off’: Trivago fined $44.7 million for misleading customers

Within hours of this news breaking, Campaign Spokesperson Trond Smith was being interviewed by journalists around the nation telling them it’s time to #StopTheRipOff.

Comparison sites cant be trusted Trivago fined 45m

Comparison sites can't be trusted: Trivago fined $45m

Booking comparison site Trivago has been fined $45 million for misleading customers. The Federal Court found Trivago had breached Australian Consumer Law on multiple occasions.

Warning Of Mortgage Stress With Interest Rates Set To Rise

Homeowners with mortgages should start planning for interest rate rises from June. The four big banks have this week announced they will look at increasing rates which have been at a record low.

Health Insurance Rip Off

Health Insurers Set To Announce Premium Price Hike

After some good news in the Federal Budget on cost-of-living, expect bad news tomorrow with private health insurance premiums set to rise, just like they do every year on April 1.

6PR Oliver Peterson Interview Rip Off Campaign 2

Secret Commissions Pushing Up Cost Of Health Insurance

Health insurance premiums outstripping CPI with prices more than doubling over the last 10 years. 'Secret' commissions contributing to these hikes every year.

Deb Knight Great Australian Rip Off

Campaign To Fight Back on Years of Overpriced Living

"The Great Australian Rip Off" to fight back at years of over priced living by raising awareness of how some comparison sites operate.

Win News The Great Australian Rip Off Campaign Featuring Choice

Bold Campaign To Lower Cost Of Living

It's a bold campaign with hopes to ease the financial pressure pinching everyday Aussies. "We are looking for a commitment from politicians, we are looking for change, and we are looking to help lower the cost of living."


Crack Down On Sneaky Commissions

The rising cost of living is expected to dominate federal election campaigns as both major parties vow to drive prices down. A new campaign is calling for them to go a step further and agree to crack down on sneaky commissions.

What you need to know about commercial comparison websites

What You Need To Know About Commercial Comparison Websites?

7 out of 10 Australians who stay with the same provider year after year are paying more because of the secret commissions.

ACCC taking action against commercial comparison websites

The ACCC Taking Action Against Commercial Comparison Websites

The ACCC put the commercial comparison website industry on notice saying it was concerned about the poor conduct of industry participants.

recommendations being ignored

Recommendations Being Ignored

A Senate committee and the Australian consumer watchdog have both recommended regulatory reform to improve transparency in the commercial comparison website industry to protect consumers.

Stop ‘secret’ commissions pushing up your cost of living

Sick and tired of high insurance, electricity, and household bills?

‘Secret’ commissions of up to 60 per cent paid to brokers, commercial comparison websites, and other third-parties to get your business, are one of the reasons why you are paying more.

Politicians know it. The industry knows it AND the consumer watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), has recommended regulatory change.

But nothing has been done.

Make it an election issue. JOIN THE CAMPAIGN to tell politicians you want to #StopTheRipOff.